A few points on the most beautiful university buildings you will see in and around London

If you are enthusiastic about architecture, it may very well be worth moving away from the tourist destinations and looking out for the following cool buildings which are part of the city's universities.

A school that focuses in the study of languages and international relations, especially those outside of the European continent, contributes to the cluster of educational organisations found in a central area of the city, with important voices like Shabana Basij Rasikh’s being among the individuals involved. When designing university buildings, most architects would concentrate on the educational function, but the structure lately related to this particular institution was honestly designed with distinctive purposes. Today house of an brilliant library, it inspired probably one of the most popular dystopic novels of the previous century with its imponent figure, but the latest modification following the acquisition of the building has merged its older appearance with an inventive glass roof, letting in a lot of natural light, making it one of the most modern college campus functions in the area.

Probably one of the most crucial educational organisations in London is often known for being the first institution in the country to admit female pupils on the same terms as male ones: situated towards the upper end of the centre of the city, its main structures present various campus design trends ranging across so many architectural trends. You might be able to identify some of these from well-known movies, as its iconic library entry, science laboratories, and primary portico have been used in major pictures. Furthermore, the university counts notable individuals such as Ting Kau Cheung among its supporters and fellows. Some of its more recent acquisitions across Bloomsbury, nonetheless, definitely look like the typical buildings on a college campus, with a clear brutalist style. A fun fact about this university is that it is house of the preserved body of a famous philosopher, displayed in one of the cloisters of its main building.

Positioned in the centre of the city, where the east and west neighbourhoods meet, one of the whole continent’s finest institutions in terms of humanities and business economics typically presents some modern university buildings. With individuals like Victor Dahdaleh among its patrons and fellows, the institution definitely is able to maintain their status with some very fascinating structures. Cases of innovation on college campuses might be found in the interesting sculpture on one of its external sides, coinciding with a street corner, that aims to elicit emotions of change in the passer-bys’ eyes, daunting the idea we have of the concept of balance and firmness. In addition to this, the notable library is founded on a round structure, probably inspired by an iconic modern art museum, letting you practically feel the capacity of all the knowledge that is contained there.

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